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Business Law

  • Business Formation (Corporate, Partnership and Sole Ownership)
  • Business Litigation
  • Collection & Commercial Litigation

Business Formation (Corporate, Partnership and Sole Ownership)

Involves drafting and filing articles of business incorporation or organization, generating agreements and bylaws, securing EINs, and filing S corporation elections where applicable. We can also handle legal matters related to your business as they arise.


Business Litigation

Personal, experienced service to all of our clients, including trial and settlement in all areas of business litigation and business law, jury trial verdicts, settlements, private arbitrations, administrative hearings, trials, and provision of outside legal counsel to numerous business clients.


Collection & Commercial Litigation

Extensive experience in the pursuit of effective remedies to assist all types of creditors in obtaining collection of their just debts. Prosecute breach of contract claims arising out of many types of business transactions such as:


Uniform Commercial Code

The UCC laws affect most types of businesses (financial institutions, lenders, mortgage companies, finance companies, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, suppliers, shipping companies, and others purchasing or selling goods and services). Handling all UCC issues that arise, including the following:  Transactions involving the sale of goods or services, Leases, Commercial Paper (NSF checks and promissory notes), Bank Deposits and Collections, Funds Transfers, Letters of Credit, Bulk Transfers, Warehouse Receipts, Bills of Lading, Documents of Title, Investment Securities and Secured Transactions.


Complex Contract Litigation

Handling complex commercial lawsuits in both the State and Federal Courts of Illinois in cases such as breach of contract, fraud, statutory causes of action and injunctions.  The key to our outlook is being responsive to clients’ needs; whether taking an aggressive approach at trial or exploring amicable settlements


Construction & Mechanic Lien Litigation

Representation of creditors in construction-related claims, from collection of receivables to notification, filing and enforcement of liens and State or Federal bond claims.


Landlord & Tenant Law

Commencing actions to evict a tenant who has breached a rental agreement by failing to make timely payments or for any other breach of the agreement. Obtaining possession of the property for the creditor and collect any money owed under the rental agreement, as well as any damages.


Mortgage Foreclosure

We pursue the remedies available to a creditor with a lien or right of possession to personal property through the means provided under the UCC and state law – including repossession and relevant actions.  We can commence foreclosure action on real estate owned by the debtor to sell the realty, purchase at foreclosure and/or protect any deficiency balance, place and enforce judgment liens, or take action to protect the creditor’s interest where the foreclosure is initiated by another party on real estate on which the creditor has a lien.