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Here at John D. Colbert & Associates we know business. We listen to our clients and visit with them to learn all there is to know about their business, their long-term plans and management structure and style. We become part of their business and are interested in their whole company rather than just their legal issues. Knowing all of this about your company allows us to anticipate potential problems and address all aspects from short to long term goals and acquisitions. Many of our clients have worked with us for over 20 years and we’ve carefully guided a large number of businesses from initial formation to large corporations in a range of different industries.

With the combination of experience, expertise and extremely strong personal customer service we understand the wider business issues that you are faced with and we understand that all businesses need a trustworthy, creative and resourceful attorney to handle even the most complex legal problems.

We have experience with a huge array of issues that arise within an organisation from its initial formation, to growth issues through ongoing transactions of a mature enterprise to the sale of the business or the transition to the next generation of owners. We can help you deal with all issues including:

  1. Tax Planning
  2. Raising Capital
  3. Organization Formation
  4. Contracts and Commercial Transactions
  5. Employment Issues
  6. Intellectual Property
  7. Interaction with Other Practice Groups
  8. and much more…
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